Mrs. Cain

Kerith Cain, Teacher for 4-5 Years Old (MWF and TTH)  Class size: 12 kids

I believe that every child can succeed and my job as a teacher is to give them the tools they need to reach their goals.  I know that each child learns differently, so I think it’s important to use a variety of teaching styles throughout each lesson.  I also incorporate movement, song and games to make learning fun while building developmental skills.  It is important to me that every child feels encouraged, safe and valued. I want my classroom to be a place of inquiry, relationships, growth and laughter.  I also want students to be excited about learning!  Most importantly, it is my hope that each child in my class feels the love of Jesus.


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Reading Club

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Use Class Code: GRXJJ

Class Wish List:

  • Lakeshore Learning gift card
  • Hobby Lobby gift card
  • play cell phones
  • princess costumes