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Meredith Haun, Teacher for 4-5 Years Old (MWF and TTH) Class size: 14 kids

My philosophy on teaching is centered on giving children options to explore their environment and engage in activities that stimulate problem solving, creativity, and positive self image. Simply put, I believe that children learn best through play. The room is arranged into developmentally appropriate activity centers that allow for growth in all major areas.  Children will have time every day to choose their place of play at these centers.  Along with centers we will also be spending plenty of time outside in the fresh air as well as participating in games, singing songs, listening to stories at circle, learning about our friends and how to share our space, and creating a loving and safe place for us all. We will learn about God’s great love for us through bible stories while exploring several themes. The children will be invited to share their own interests with the hope that we may integrate those topics into our lessons to learn more about them.I do spend a fair portion of my time observing and evaluating the children.  This serves a very important function for both you and me.  Watching and assessing each child gives me knowledge about how they are growing and developing which in turn gives me a better framework to plan out our future activities and lessons.  This knowledge also helps me promote a sense of real involvement and caring for our preschool family. This is also a time where if there are signs of any developmental delays in a child we can hopefully detect it early on and get information about resources and help to the family.

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Parents are always on the lookout for helpful resources and encouragement. Please read through this very helpful article about brain development and how we as parents and educators can support growth in our children.

Enhancing and Practicing Executive Function Skills with Children from Infancy to Adolescence

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Class Wish List:

  • Gift card to Lakeshore
  • Paint Sticks
  • My Little Pony Collections
  • Hobby Lobby Gift Cards
  • Child sized work gloves or garden gloves- several pairs
  • Child sized watering cans for our Busy Bee gardens- several, durable cans