Parent Comments

Quality Improvement Plan 2023-2024
What parents said in our 2023 End of the Year School Evaluation

We were rated 4.69 out of a possible score of 5 at the end of the school year.  See the questions, scores, and comments on the link below.

2023 End of the School Year Survey Results

What parents said in our 2022 End of the Year School Evaluation

We were rated 4.71 out of a possible score of 5 at the end of the school year.  See the questions, scores, and comments on the link below.

2022 End of the School Year Survey Results

What parents said in our 2021 End of the Year School Evaluation

We were rated 4.72 out of a possible score of 5 at the end of the school year.  See the questions, scores, and comments on the link below.

2020-2021 End of the School Year Evaluation Results

What parents said in our 2020-2021 First Semester School Evaluation

We were rated 4.66 out of a possible score of 5. The questions we asked are listed in our Survey Results.

2020-2021 Fall Semester School Survey Results

Please tell us some of the things you and your child have really enjoyed this fall at Bethany Busy Bee.

  1. Teachers, atmosphere, events, environment.
  2. All the creative events. Donuts w/ Dad, Christmas Program, Rodeo etc.
  3. The teachers are so kind and loving. I feel like I’m sending my son to Grandma’s house.
  4. Learning about God is the most important thing.
  5. The community feel & how much the teachers & staff love my child.
  6. Programs western week/ playing on playground.
  7. The music time, different jobs for the kids.
  8. Warm environment, caring staff, learn through play & fun.
  9. How responsive and welcoming all staff members have been. Enrollment was smooth and all questions answered.
  10. Teachers & staff are such a joy! Coming to school is so exciting because her interest in the world is engaged thoughtfully and playfully.
  11. The warm & welcoming classroom environment, music, creative art projects.
  12. The playground, science, and music.
  13. Music, socialization
  14. The kindness and love the staff so clearly shows.
  15. Friends, songs, toys in the classroom, teachers.
  16. The teachers are fantastic!
  17. We are grateful that the teachers really come alongside us as parents. We feel very cohesive with them and the positive reinforcement is wonderful. We also appreciate all the time and effort that goes into Seesaw or emails sharing something positive about my child. I understand how time-consuming making videos or sending emails can be but know that it does not go unnoticed. They are very appreciated.
  18. The teacher has been so kind to my child in his first experience in school.
  19. My child loves his teachers, friends, snack time and music time.
  20. Activities, pray with new friends, structure.
  21. The learning, friendships, lunch bunch, teachers.
  22. We love how well you love our daughter! We also enjoyed parents’ night out a lot.
  23. A safe feeling while leaving my child at school.
  24. Playing with her friends.
  25. Special days (Rodeo, hat, pj) and the Christmas Program.
  26. I love the positive community at Busy Bee that you have worked to foster. I love the engagement of all the teachers and staff. Some of my most favorite things are the craft projects the kids bring home, special things they’ve made with their little hands and fingers. You all do such a wonderful job celebrating this tiny age as well as focusing on growing them into the successful students in the near future and the adults they will one day become. The foundation you are providing now in their little hearts for Jesus and love of school and their little personalities is irreplaceable. You are doing big work, and I’m so thankful for all you do and all you put into every single day. You are an amazing foundation for these little people!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  27. My child truly enjoys everything about Bethany Busy Bee. She especially enjoys her teachers, friends, thoughtful and purposeful activities, outside time. As a I appreciate that my child is lovingly cared for and is safe. I appreciate her teachers going above and beyond in all they do. My child is excited to share about her fun day when I pick her up! She is learning so much!
  28. The staff truly cares about each student.
  29. The teachers clearly have passion and heart for the kids and I know without a doubt that they are in good hands every day.
  30. I’ve enjoyed seeing the growth in crafts he brings home, hearing him sing the clean-up songs, and watching him in the Christmas performance.
  31. I love hearing new songs that were learned at school. It’s been fun to hear about new friends. My daughter’s enthusiasm for school and eagerness to learn has been heart-warming to see. I appreciate the take home folder. It’s nice to know what she’s been working on so we can continue it at home.
  32. We love seesaw. My son and I love to watch videos of him in class together.
  33. We’ve loved watching our daughter grow this past year-academically, socially and spiritually. Awanas has become a huge part of her weekly time with God. She loves her friends, teacher and the safe, loving environment.
  34. We love our teacher! Her loving attention to our son has been so appreciated by our family. She understood what makes him tick quickly, and has done a wonderful job of helping a shy little one love school. She sees strengths and areas of improvement in several hours a week that are consistent with what I see being around him nearly 24/7.
  35. The teacher’s teaching style and unconditional love and encouragement, the school leadership, the well executed events and well rounded education, and focus on Jesus!
  36. Wholesome, genuine care.
  37. Love the teachers and all the arts and crafts.
  38. We love hearing about the activities the kids do every day. There’s always lots of excitement when our son talks about his day at Bethany Busy Bee.
  39. My child’s first school experience has been above and beyond! She loves school, and loves her teacher!
  40. We love that our child is learning more about Christ.
  41. We have loved our time at Bethany Busy Bees- recommending to all!
  42. We literally love everything about Busy Bee. From the teachers and staff, to the classrooms, to the activities and art projects that come home, to the themed to the Christmas and end of year programs to the end of the year scrapbook. We truly love it all and are so grateful to be a part of this school!!! 🙂
  43. The Christmas program was amazing how carrying and supportive everyone is at the school and my son loves being there.
  44. We have enjoyed the teacher’s dedication to our children, their understanding of their individual personalities/skills/needs, and their caring demeanors.
  45. Thank you for caring for our son. He is so happy in his classroom and he’s growing a lot.
  46. His teacher’s consistency and willingness to work with our son. The routines and opportunities for social interaction.
  47. Teachers have gone above and beyond to make our transition into a preschool enjoyable and fun. My child feels loved and safe and that’s a really amazing to have during a time like this.
  48. My kindergartener enjoys outside science and reading. My 3 year old loves singing all the songs and especially loved performing in the Christmas program.
  49. We feel extremely welcomed & cared for!
  50. My child loves going to school.
  51. My daughter loves music time. I love the songs you teach & perform at the programs.  Love that God’s truth is sinking into her memory & heart.  We also love parents night out!!!
  52. Thank you so much for all that you do, what a blessing B.B. has been to our kiddo & family.
  53. You all are amazing! All my kids have grown in the Lord because of their time at B.B. Please don’t change or close… at least for 3 more years!
  54. We believe the staff does a wonderful job. Our child is seen, heard and known at Busy Bee. Thank you for partnering with us.
  55. It’s been fabulous. Busy Bee has been the perfect spot for our kids this year and we are so grateful!
  56. Holidays, Special Events, Awana, Show & Tell, Camps, VBS, Consistency of Teachers/Staff.
  57. We love our teacher! She has been so kind to our son in his first experience in school.
  58. I think the preschool is well-balanced and excels in teaching in every area.
  59. This school has been a blessing!!!  Thank you for everything you’ve done for our family! So many of our prayers have been answered through busy bee!

Do you feel our processes due to COVID 19 to include communication, events, and overall safety is satisfactory? 

  1. Everything has been wonderful! Thank you!
  2. I am so thankful you are remaining open! You are essential.
  3. Thankful for the precautions taken while making it a normal, fun environment for children.
  4. I appreciate all the extra work because it’s the right thing to do and have tried to give the children a “normal” environment for the very important work of social / emotional development. Thank you!
  5. Great job in a difficult situation! Thank you!
  6. Thank you for all of the extra time and work you have put into this!
  7. I’m thankful for all the work you have done to keep things going.
  8. Very well done! This has been a strange time, and you all have navigated it so well! Thank you!
What parents said in our 2018 Bethany Busy Bee School Reunion
  • I know my kids are safe and loved.
  • The staff is always smiling, friendly and helpful no matter how stressful things may be.
  • (My most fond memory at Busy Bee) Getting a memory book to capture all the 1st of school.
  • How caring the teachers are for the children.
  • (My most fond memory at Busy Bee) Kids milking the “cow” at Rodeo Days.
  • Safe and Happy Environment.
  • The teachers are nice and kind.
  • How loving the teachers are! The home visits and play dates before school began. It bonded parents more than you know.
  • Watching my girls sing and dance on stage with joy!
  • The loving environment.
  • Smiles at daily pick- up.
  • I appreciate that my child is known and loved.
  • The teachers are AWESOME!
What parents said in our 2017-2018 Colorado Shines Parent Survey Audit
  • We love Bethany Busy Bee as it has been an important part of my children’s development, learning and socialization.  We think very highly of Joyce and staff and trust them with our family.
  • This is our first year at Bethany Busy Bee and I could not be happier with the quality of education, parent support and cleanliness of the preschool. They not only help my child but help me grow as a parent too!  It has been an absolutely amazing experience. Next year our child has already qualified for free preschool through Jefferson County with his speech delay but we have decided as a family we will keep him at Busy Bee because of their amazing support and the growth and comfort he has there.
  • Bethany Busy Bee has been a wonderful resource for parenting support through LIFT presentations and the events organized annually (fall festival, Christmas program, Trike-a-thon, family nights, graduation) are AMAZING opportunities for the kids to feel accomplished and see and chat with other parents.
  • Bethany Busy Bee is an excellent child care program where you can clearly see the care and hard work of the staff!
  • We are very happy with our child’s program and think that the teachers are excellent! The program has not yet shared evaluations results from this past survey but I expect that we will receive them this week.
  • We LOVE this school and feel that they go well above and beyond in all regards! They have cared for us so well as a family unit and my son wants to live at school! We wish they went all the way through college!
  • I’ve had kids in this program for 3 years and our family has been positively impacted by the rich teacher/child interactions and relationships.  I’ve also seen the intentional ways the staff cultivates true parent partnerships with warmth and mutual respect.  We love Bethany Busy Bee… It feels like family!
  • We are extremely satisfied with the school.
  • Busy Bee is phenomenal! It’s been a great place for our daughter to grow, thrive, and love learning.
  • Love love love this school!!!!!
  • Bethany Busy Bee is the most loving and gentle environment a parent could ask for in a school.  The teachers are extremely invested in their classrooms.
  • Bethany Busy Bee is the most amazing, caring school.
  • Bethany Busy Bee school is a wonderful place full of hard working teachers that simply amaze me with everything they do! My child loves school and my toddler can’t wait to go.  Busy Bee is a top notch’ school!
  • Bethany Busy Bee school is the best!
  • Bethany Busy Bee is wonderful.
  • Excellent staff & environment!
  • Bethany Busy Bee is intentional, loving and community oriented place.  My children are thriving and I, as a parent, feel involved and proud to be involved here.  I recommend Busy Bee to many.
  • Bethany Busy Bee is amazing and we love it.  They are great partner to me as a parent.
  • We always have the opportunity to talk with the teacher and all the staff even if it is not conference day.  We feel very lucky to have our son in this school.  We are thankful for all the progress our son has made.
  • Bethany Busy Bee excels in meeting these objectives and in educating and supporting families of preschoolers.
  • Wonderful program. We had initially enrolled our child in a public school preschool to make it easier for our schedule and were disappointed.  We immediately contacted Bethany Busy Bee to see if an opening was available as we had had a wonderful experience with our older child.  We could not be more pleased with our preschool! It is a loving, fun environment in which to learn.  All activities and programs are executed thoughtfully and with excellence.

Comments from the Colorado Shines Auditor 

  • Bethany Busy Bee school is a unique high quality program that provides a balance age appropriate program for students, and acknowledgement for the parents and employees.  Children spend most of their time playing and working with creative materials and other children.  They do not wonder aimlessly, and they are not expected to sit quietly for inappropriate periods of time.

What parents said in our 2016-2017 Mid Year Parent Survey about what they or their child enjoys about Bethany Busy Bee:

  • We love the small, intimate environment that Bethany Busy Bee provides. If I ever have a question, Mrs. Haun and Joyce are always easily accessible and personable. My son really seems to enjoy each and every day spent there.
  • I especially appreciated Operation Christmas Child and other opportunities for hands-on charitable giving. My son says, “Music and movement class, playing in the gym.”
  • We love the play-based learning!
  • We have enjoyed the comforting atmosphere the moment we walk in, such a low stress environment. It is always special being greeted at the front door each and every morning. We LOVE lunch bunch and cannot say enough about all the things we’ve loved about the actual classes~music, crafts, play time both outdoors and inside, Bible sheets/book, school programs and everything else. We love our Bethany Busy Bee!
  • My son wants to live at Bethany Busy Bee. He loves school, loves his teachers, loves the structure, loves the playground, loves the music,etc. He comes home each day and opens his backpack to show us everything he has done and he tells us his bible stories. We have loved these precious moments and are so grateful to Bethany Busy Bee.
  • The extra activities such as the holiday events have been very fun. We love the teachers and the loving learning environment.
  • Wonder staff and intimate community.
  • Bethany Busy Bee is a welcoming environment for parents & children. We are thankful for the caring staff and the excellent learning programs that are offered.
  • What a joy to have seen the beautiful and meaningful program for Christmas given by the children God loves. If all children had the advantage of attending a preschool like yours, our culture today would be dramatically different! What a beautiful and important gift you have given to society! With great respect and love, grandmother of a current preschooler.
  • Teachers and staff are great with kids-really helped us overcome attachment issues.
  • Making friends, learning responsibilities, & gaining patience & knowledge.
  • The teachers, the fun activities (Thanksgiving feasts, donuts w/ dad, etc.) and the sense of community.
  • The caring loving staff, literacy to go, GREAT hallway décor/kid-involvement/art work, Lunch Bunch, Fall Festival/rodeo days, etc. Goodies with grandparents, donuts with dads, muffins with mom.
  • We have loved being welcomed by Joyce everyday, loved the Christ center atmosphere and the love for the children. We love our teachers.
  • Caring, loving staff, very artistic curriculum, structure and discipline, God-centered.
  • We love all the teachers and how they care for all their kids.
  • He loves learning about the bible and having a safe place to play!
  • Really helped my daughter with social development, she just loves Mrs. Haun!
  • We really enjoy the special events, but most especially the Christmas program and Art Show. It’s so wonderful to have these special days to spend with the kids.
  • Special events, donuts with Dads, Goodies with Grandparents. Playground is great!
  • Caring staff has made my daughter feel safe and accepted.
  • The variety of enrichment activities, the arts and crafts in Mrs. Fallt’s class, the support of Joyce, Trish, and Mrs. Cain, the friendliness of the staff, and the colorful and updated learning spaces.

What parents have to say about Bethany Busy Bee Early Learning Center (Comments collected by Qualistar):

  • “The teachers and the other staff at Bethany Busy Bee are not short of professional, competitive (with other preschool programs), caring, receptive, and wonderful. Currently, I have twin 3 year old children attending the preschool, and they have grown so much since attending Busy Bee. They are more social with others and they have learned so much in the short time they have been enrolled in the preschool. They have bonded with most of the teachers there, even the ones who are not their teachers! Everything I have to say about the school is fantastic.”
  •  “This is my child’s first experience in preschool – up to this point my child has been at home with a parent or in an in home babysitting situation. My child comes home every day and tells us all about what he learned in school that day. He is retaining information that he learns and gets very excited for school days! We couldn’t have asked for a better preschool to ease us into a school setting. We would recommend Busy Bee to anyone looking for a preschool for their child.”
  • “We love this school! We would highly recommend it to anyone. My child loves going each time, leaves with a smile, and is learning so much! My child just turned four and is already writing letters by dictation! The best part is that I KNOW the staff all love and cherish each child who enters the school. That kind of security and nurturing gives children the freedom they need to learn and grow.”
  • “Between my two children, they have been at 4 different preschools over the last 6 years. Busy Bee is by far the best! They are so wonderful and caring. They have been hugely supportive to my family. My son is learning SO much. He loves going to school. He has not gotten sick yet this year and this is huge! I feel like he was sick once a month at one of his other schools. I wish that I would have started him here 3 years ago. I feel confident that he is entering kindergarten next year fully prepared.”
  • “They have made me feel like we are a team with my child. Any concerns are taken seriously and if there is something they can do or change to help my child more, they will do it. They are all very open minded.”
  • “I cannot say enough wonderful things about Bethany Busy Bee, starting with the Staff. From the Director Joyce Bertram, who greets and knows every family, to the caring, loving dedicated teachers, to the hands on learning, fun, nurturing, warmth, safety, care, and enthusiasm, I would not want my kids in preschool anywhere else. My oldest son spent two years in the program at Busy Bee, my middle son is in his second year at Busy Bee, and my toddler will be there for two years starting this upcoming Fall. In my children, they have fostered a love of learning, instilled a strong foundation of education to prepare them for elementary school, the necessity and importance of friendship and early socialization, a respect for authority, and cooperation with peers. Having my kids at Busy Bee is one decision I’ve never regretted and will never regret or look back on with anything but happiness and gratitude.”
  • “Bethany Busy Bee has blessed our family in many ways. My daughter has grown so much academically and emotionally. I will be sending my second daughter to Busy Bee next year after the success we have seen with our first.”
  • “We’ve been very happy with Bethany Busy Bee. The staff members are phenomenally helpful, caring, and engaged. Our child enjoys the program.”
  • “Bethany Busy Bee is a wonderful preschool. I highly recommend it and really appreciate all the staff’s hard work with my son.”
  • “I am very pleased with Bethany Busy Bee Early Learning Center. The director knows every child by name and makes you feel very welcomed.”
  • “Bethany Busy Bee is a loving and cooperative community for children. The teachers and staff truly care about each and every child. It’s a very warm and welcoming environment for the kids and their families. We are going to miss Busy Bee when our children transition to kindergarten next year.”
  • “They always have gone above and beyond even being willing to help with whatever physical therapy needs my son may need.”
  • “Bethany Busy Bee is a delightful school. Our family has had children there for 4 years now and we couldn’t be happier. We even moved last year and still choose to drive the extra miles to go here because we can’t find a better place for our family. Very nurturing and loving for any child.”
  • “We love Bethany Busy Bee Early Learning Center! The staff is kind and caring to my son. They let me know when there’s something to work on, and they let him know that he is welcomed and appreciated.
  • “This is our second child to go through Bethany Busy Bee. They are so caring and loving. I wouldn’t send my kiddos anywhere else!”
  • “My daughter looks forward to attending Bethany Busy Bee. The staff at Bethany Busy Bee are always trying to make a great program even better. The school has outstanding outdoor and indoor play areas –some of the best around, and have an excellent balance of learning and playing.”
  • “Couldn’t be more impressed with Bethany Busy Bee. As a scholarship recipient and a parent of a child who initially had a language delay, everyone at Bethany Busy Bee has been gracious and extremely supportive. Now my son is flourishing and we are so incredibly thankful for Bethany Busy Bee!!”
  • “My child has some special health concerns and I have been extremely impressed at how the staff has responded to keeping her safe and healthy. They’ve even gone so far as to send out a school-wide reminder about hand-washing when I was concerned about the spread of a particularly bad virus in Colorado. Recently we had a difficult family circumstance and I was impressed that several different staff members stopped me to check and see about our situation. Bethany Busy Bee strives to support the whole family and to ensure that kids are in the best possible situation for learning. I’m impressed and thankful for the academic as well as social benefits that my child receives!”
  • “I cannot speak high enough about the quality preschool program here at Bethany Busy Bee. Perhaps the program is well run because it is staffed with incredible teachers and other staff members who go above and beyond every single day of the school year. The numerous ways in which the staff lovingly extends themselves is impressive to say the least. The creative, fun activities help support the solid academic program, however, most important to me is watching my child grow in her learning and development in an environment pouring out the love of Christ.”
  • “This is an excellent program that not only nurtures the whole child but also the parents and whole family-excellent!!!”