May 2023

  • May 1st thru 5th – Teacher Appreciation Week

We would love to have someone partner with us or spearhead a special celebration for your teachers. If you have an idea, please see Joyce or someone in the school office to help coordinate this with you and the other parents. Or you may join in this group celebration for your teachers.

  • May 3rd – L.I.F.T. “How to Home School” with Leah Martin from 12:00 to 1:30 pm. The speaker, light refreshments, and childcare is all complementary as a gift to you. Please RSVP by Wednesday, April 26th to allow us to plan accordingly for childcare. Please list the names and ages of the children under comments and send a lunch with your kids. If you have any specific questions you would like the speaker address about this topic, please email them to us by the April 26th, as well. The entire event, food for attendees, and childcare is a gift to you, your family and friends. To RSVP, please use this link:  LIFT May 3rd
  • May 5th – Take home book bags due, even if they are incomplete. Thank you!
  • May 8th thru 12th – The Last Days of Lunch Bunch

This is the last week of Lunch Bunch. After May 12th, there will be no more Lunch Bunch offered after school.

  • Sun. May 21st – End of the Year Celebration 12-2pm Join us as we celebrate end of the school year, end of Awana, and end of Sunday School. A year of blessing and fellowship.  Food will be provided by Bethany, you and your family provide the fellowship.  RSVP by Sunday May 14th, use this link:  End of the Year Celebration
  • May 24th, 25th, & 26th – Spring and Graduation Program at 9:30 am – children to be dropped off at their classroom at 9:00am

Our Spring and Graduation Program is the last school program of the year and the last day of school for the childThis year we separated the younger and older kids into two separate programs. The End of the Year Program does not last all school day.  A parent or guardian must be present to pick up the child right after the program as it does not last a full hour.  All children will be performing a special program and those moving on to Kindergarten and First Grade will walk in their Cap n Gowns and receive a Certificate and their own Bible.

All Children come in at 9 am to their classrooms.  Parents are welcome to sit in the sanctuary until the program begins at 9:30 am for Mrs. Fallt and Mrs. McGowan.  Mrs. Haun and Mrs. Mack/Ms. Churchman’s classes will have their program at 11:00 am.  Mrs. Pyne’s Class will have their program on Friday at 9:30.

After the program, families are welcome to bring a dish to share with others, their own lawn chairs or blankets to the shelter area to enjoy with your family.  We will have plates, napkins, and water to share if you’d like!  Please sign up to bring a dish.

Don’t forget your Camera!  At this moment we do not have anybody to record the programs.

The program schedule and last day of school is:

Wednesday, May 24th –

  • 5/24 – 9:30 am both Mrs. Fallt’s MW (right side of the sanctuary) and Mrs. McGowan’s MWF (left side of the sanctuary)
  • 5/24 – 11:00 am Mrs. Mack/Ms. Churchman’s MWF (right side of the sanctuary) and Mrs. Haun’s MWF  (left side of the sanctuary)

Thursday, May 25th –

  • 5/25 – 9:30 am both Mrs. Fallt’s TTH (right side of the sanctuary) and Mrs. McGowan’s TTH (left side of the sanctuary)
  • 5/25 – 11:00 am Mrs. Mack/Ms. Churchman’s TTH (right side of the sanctuary) and Mrs. Haun’s TTH  (left side of the sanctuary)

Friday, May 26th –

  • 5/26 – 9:30 am Mrs. Pyne’s Kindergarten Class

We hope you have a safe, joyful summer!  Remember we have Summer Playground Playtime over the summer, please use this link to sign up for summer playground play.