Daily Schedule and Activities

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule and Activities Video

9:00–10:05      Individual and small group learning activities during Free Play

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10:05–10:10    Clean up time

10:10–10:20    Circle time (attendance, helpers, letter, number, color, etc.)


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10:20 –10:40    Music and movement with another class







10:40–10:50    Bathroom

10:50–11:00     Snack




11:00–11:30     Recess, gross motor activities, social skill building

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11:30–12:00     Bible, stories, show and tell, puzzles, and fine motor activities



• Block Play

• Creative Art Activities

• Gross Motor Play

• Manipulation

• Science Centers


• Math Centers

• Listening Centers

• Bible Stories

• Literature

• Puzzles

• Group Music

• Snack Time

• Recess at Playground or Gym – scooters, balls, mats, tricycles, sand box, swings

• Alphabet, number, color, shape recognition

• Kindergarten readiness

• Music and Movement

• Field Trips

• Christmas and Spring / Graduation Programs

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Special activities at Busy Bee range from a visit with the Littleton Fire Department to vision screening, to the Fall Festival and a performance by Merry Andrew Afoot.  The teachers are responsible for supervising the children while these activities take place.



Busy Bee teachers try to let the children “do their own thing” when it comes to creating an art project.  Whether it’s painting, using markers, cutting, or pasting, whatever the activity, the end product is the student’s work.  The product may occasionally seem unrecognizable, but it shows what the child is able to do.  The teachers believe that it’s the process, not the end product that counts.  Various art activities will be offered each day.