Fundraising and grants are a significant resource for Busy Bee, as we strive to keep our tuition and fees affordable. Our income from tuition and fees covers about 85% of our operational expenses, so other streams of revenue are essential.

We utilize the fundraisers to cover the costs of materials, food, prizes, and personnel for the family programs provided such as: the monthly L.I.F.T. (which consists of speaker, brunch, and free child care), the fall festival, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Program, Rodeo Days, Art Gala Night, Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad,  and Pizza with the Pastors.

For several years the grant from the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation which provides tuition assistance for families with extenuating circumstances, has required Busy Bee to obtain matching funds.  We raise these matching funds through various fundraising efforts.

Some of our fundraising efforts are through:

  • King Soopers  Re-Loadable cards- You will receive a free re-loadable card with a $2.50 value. Re-load it with the amount you spend at the cash register before you pay and pay with the re-loadable card.  It does not cost you anything additional. Every time you pay with your re-loadable card, Busy Bee receives 5% match of the amount you spent including gas. Make sure you keep at least $2.5o balance in your card at all times so it does not expire.  If the card is at zero balance for 90 days or more, it will expire even if you start reloading after 90 days and Busy Bee will no longer receive the 5% match.
  • Amazon Smile- Please sign up with this link: Amazon Smile – Bethany  When you sign up for Amazon smile, Amazon will donate 5% of your eligible purchases to Bethany Busy Bee Preschool.  You can either sign up with the link provided or you can go to your amazon account & lists, then select Amazon Smile Charity Lists, select the “Join Amazon Smile” button, search for “Bethany Evangelical Free Church of Littleton” where Busy Bee is part of.  Every time you go to Amazon you must start at to have Busy Bee receive donation.  You may also download the Amazon assistant that will guarantee that anytime to log into Amazon with your device, it will automatically take you there through without having to do anything else.  Easy piecee, batta bing, batta boom!  
  • Box Tops- Bring in your box tops.  Each one is worth $.10, it may not seem as much but it definitely adds up.
  • Butterbraid Sales- prior to Christmas Break and prior to Easter.
  • SCRIP Gift Card Sales – 
    • You can purchase gift cards for many everyday expenses, and for gifts for friends, family, or even teacher gifts.  Busy Bee  will receive a percentage of that purchase price, it varies depending on what card it is.
    • To view a list of vendors available please see the Scrip Order Form.  Current Scrip Order Form
    • Current Scrip Gift Cards on Hand at the preschool office:
      • Barnes & Noble $10
      • Bath & Body Works $10
      • Carl’s Jr  $10
      • Chuck E Cheese $10
      • Olive Garden/Yardhouse/Red Lobster  $25
      • Dominos  $10
      • Gap/Old Navy $25
      • Einstein Bagles $10
      • Panera $10
      • Papa Murphy’s $10
      • $20
      • Smashburger $10
      • Starbucks $10
    • To place an order, submit the paper order form with your payment to the preschool office or order directly through and click How to Enroll, then click Join Your Scrip Program.  Enter the Busy Bee Enrollment Code: 763892LA39591.  Fill in all required personal information and click “I Accept.”  Choose two security challenge questions from the list and provide answers.  Print a copy of your order and bring it to the preschool along with your payment.  We will need to submit the payment to Scrip for them to deliver the gift cards.  This process does take about 1-2 weeks from when they receive the check.

Current Scrip Order Form


 Any and all ideas and assistance are welcomed and greatly appreciated!  We are truly grateful and thankful for all your support.