November 2019

  • November 1 – Wall of Fame  To honor our veterans, we would love to display a picture of your family members who are in the military or once were in the military. If we could have the pictures before Nov. 2nd, we will post them in the foyer. We promise to return the pictures.
  • November 5 & 6 – Science: Weather & Seasons
  • November 8 – L.I.F.T.  “Family Routines and Structure” with James Nee, LCSW  from 12 – 1:30 pm.  (This was moved from Nov. 1st to the 8th.) Please RSVP by Friday, November 1st and let us know under comments the names and ages of the children that will be staying for Lunch Bunch or in child care. Please bring a lunch for the  children.  The entire event, food, and childcare is a gift to you, your family and friends.  Please RSVP with this link: RSVP for “Family Routines and Structure”
  • November 11, 12, and (8th for MDO) – Veterans Day Presentations  A special veteran guest comes into Busy Bee to speak to the children about the meaning of Veteran’s Day.
  • November 12 & 13 – Vision Screening  Children will receive Free Vision Screenings at the preschool.  We could use 2 volunteers to help get 2-3 kids from each classroom to the walker room where the vision screening is taken place and back to the classroom.  To volunteer please use this link: Vision Screening 2019 Volunteers.
  • November 12 & 13 Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Packing Community Service from 10:30 to 1:30 pm Join us for a shoe box packing party on either day or both if you’d like. November 12th and 13th – come anytime between 10:30 and 1:30 pm. We will offer free lunch bunch for those participating over the lunch hour and provide lunch for the volunteers. Please sign up so we can have appropriate staff for childcare with this link:  Operation Christmas Child 2019  

Thank you for your participation with our community service project!

  • November 13, 14 & ( 15 for MDO) – Goodies & Grandparents 8:15 to 9:30 am in the Foyer  Give thanks for Grandparents! Grandparents enjoy goodies with their preschoolers before heading to class. For a reminder, please RSVP with this LINK: Goodies with Grandparents 2019 RSVP
  • November 18th and 19th – Merry Andrew Afoot presenting “Stone Soup” at 11:00 am This is a special skit presented for the children at Busy Bee. Parents are welcome to attend. MDO may attend either day.
  • November 18th through 22nd- Silent Auction Dinner and Reunion. Start bidding on Monday and join us for the Silent Auction Dinner on Friday from 5 – 7 pm.  For more information please view this link: Silent Auction RSVP
  • November 20th and 21st – Thanksgiving Feast at 11 am. MDO may join either day.You and your loved ones are cordially invited to join us for a Thanksgiving Feast. The children will make “Stone Soup,” dance the Virginia Reel down the hallway and do a festive presentation in the lobby. We would love to have some volunteers to help with making soup, setting up and cleaning up.  To sign up to Volunteer please use this link: Thanksgiving Feast 2019 Volunteer Sign Up 
  • November 25 through November 29th – NO SCHOOL   Thanksgiving Vacation