Mrs. Fallt

Marlene Fallt, Teacher for 2 1/2 – 3 Year Olds (MW and TTH) Class size: 16 kids


I have been a teacher at Bethany Busy Bee since 1983, and am group leader certified by CDHS.  I teach the 2 1/2 – 3 year old class .  My husband is a car salesman with AutoNation Park Meadows, and we have been married for 39 years.  We have five children.  Jeremy, 36, is an engineer with Frontier Communications in Seattle. He is engaged to Kelly, who works for the Gates Foundation, and a destination wedding in Kauai is planned for Memorial Day weekend 2014! Jennifer, 33, is married to Patrick and teaches 2nd grade at Peabody Elementary in Littleton. They had our first grandchild, Emily Clair, June 14th, 2013!  Jonathan, 31, is an automotive technician at AutoNation, Park Meadows. He is married to Laura. James, 25, is a Chemical Engineering for Rocky Mountain Scientific Laboratories.  Jessica, 20, is a student at Metro State.  Our family has welcomed over 30 foreign students into our home, who have come for three or four months or a year or more, so the house has been full of kids, challenges, excitement, food, fun & foreign languages.  I have had the privilege to serve on many mission trips, here in the USA as well as in the Czech Republic, Thailand and Mexico and Africa.  I enjoy skiing, sewing, scrap booking, doing crafts and hanging out with young people.


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