Tuition Assistance and CCAP

Tuition Assistance is a partnership between Bethany Busy Bee and parents who desire, but are unable to provide an early education for their child.  Bethany Busy Bee does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, ethnicity, religion or abilities in the award of tuition assistance.

Funds for tuition assistance are available through the generous donations of the school and church families as well as annual fundraising, and grant awards to Bethany Busy Bee.   The funds available are a limited amount and the amount vary each year. Therefore, to be considered, a confidential application must be submitted to the school for the governing board to review. Tuition assistance is now offered for children that have been adopted and/or are in foster care.

Stipulations for Tuition Assistance

In order to be a recipient of tuition assistance, you must agree to honor the following stipulations. Please read and initial by each stipulation.  Should you have any questions or need further clarification, it is your responsibility to request clarification with the school director.

  1. Any school balances from a prior school year must be paid in order for a new application to be considered.
  2. The full Registration Fee must be paid to secure the child’s spot.
  3. Please provide us with a valid credit card which will be used to pay a missed payment. Name on credit card ______________________________    Credit card number ______________________  CVC_________   Expiration Date_____________________
  4. If a payment is not received on time, you are expected to communicate with the director regarding payment before the 10th of each month.  
  5. A “Good Faith” payment of any possible amount is welcomed whenever you are unable to pay your full portion. If there is no Good Faith payment and communication in with the director to make payment arrangements, the tuition assistance will be withdrawn within the second month of no payments received.  Furthermore, no future tuition assistance will be allocated until the past due balance is paid.
  6. Parents receiving tuition assistance are expected to be actively involved in selling or helping collect donations and pledges for the schools’ fundraising events such as Butterbraids and Silent Auction. As well as, volunteer in school activities for a minimum of two hours per month. Parents must sign the volunteer log each time they volunteer.
  7. CCAP applications are to be completed, when a parent is enrolled in school.
  8. Tuition assistance is not automatically renewable, you must apply for it each school year with your current financial status. You are required to completely pay off your school tuition balance to re-apply for tuition assistance for each school year.

Tuition Assistance Applications that will be considered for the new school year are due by September 1st.  It takes the board about two weeks to review all the applications and determine how the funds available will be distributed amongst the applicants. Therefore, the first payment is applied towards the end of September.  Thereafter, it will be applied on the first of each month. Financial need will be based on income, family size, and family assets. Re-enrolling families receive priority consideration for tuition assistance. The governing board will retain 10% of the donated funds for emergency situations or extenuating circumstances that develop over the course of the year.  Bethany Busy Bee typically limits awards to 10% – 50% of the tuition, with 90% as the maximum award available. Families are required to submit a copy of their most recent taxes along with this tuition assistance form. 

Thank you for fully completing the Tuition Assistance Form. The chair of the governing board will send a letter to the applicant confirming or denying their request for tuition assistance by the end of September. Any approved financial assistance will be applied to your account on monthly basis, starting with September tuition to be applied at the end of September, then the first of each month thereafter.

You may complete the following application to see if you qualify for assistance. Tuition Assistance Application 2023-2024

All tuition assistance applications must be submitted by Labor Day to be considered. You will be notified if you qualify and for how much you qualify the Friday of the first week of school. In order to determine who qualifies and how much is allocated to each family that qualifies, we have to have all submitted applications on hand to make that determination. If you start school after the first day of school, there might be some funds still available if a student withdraws or if a families’ finances change over the school year.

 Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

Bethany Busy Bee is now a CCAP provider and is able to accept these funds from families that qualify for CCAP. Please visit the following link for more information and to apply for CCAP.

Arapahoe County Childcare Assistance Program