Enroll (2023-2024)

2023-2024 School Year

Enrollment Eligibility – Applications will start being accepted January 17, 2023

In order to attend Bethany Busy Bee Early Learning Center, children must be between 18 months old and 6 years old by October of the current school year.

Bethany Busy Bee Early Learning Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, mental status or citizenship.

School Tour

You may contact the school office at 303-468-9521 to schedule a tour of the school or to answer any questions regarding registration.

Step One: Registration Form

Registration Forms for 2023-2024 are available online or at the school.

2023-2024 Registration Form-fillable

Please completely fill out the Registration Form and return it to the school office or email it to bbpstaff@bethanybusybee.org.The Registration Fee is a one time, non-refundable fee of $200 for one child or $300 per family. This fee is submitted with the Registration Form(s) at the time of registration. This fee holds the space in the class for the student and does not apply toward tuition. Your child is registered (spot in the classroom is secured) after the registration form and payment is received.

You will still need to complete the enrollment forms (available below), pay the last month’s tuition by August 1st, and pay the first month’s tuition by September 1st. Parent Orientation is held Tuesday & Wednesday, the first full day of school is Thursday & Friday after Labor Day.

We do accept waiting list in all of our classes, as circumstances do change from now and the beginning of the school year.

Registration is on a first come basis. If you have a particular class request, please register early!

Step Two: Enrollment Forms

Complete the enrollment packet and please return all forms before the end of May. The enrollment packet consists of the enrollment forms listed below.

According to Colorado state law, these forms must be on file before the child’s first day of school. There is no grace period for compliance, therefore if we do not have the form on file, the child cannot attend class until we do.

Human Services requires schools to have the following  forms completed and signed for each child’s file every year prior to the child starts school:

 1. Student Information & Permission Form—This information helps the teacher get to know her students and provides us with your permission for: using the stairs to go to the gym; watching occasional short videos that are appropriate to the current curriculum; including your child’s name and photo in the end of year books; and, posting your child’s photo, in an unidentified group picture, on Bethany Busy Bee’s facebook or web site.

2023-2024 Student Information Permission Form

2. Emergency Card—This form indicates who to call in an emergency – family, friends, doctor, dentist, hospital, etc. and gives permission for field trips. It also provides the hospital authorization to treat your child should it ever be necessary.  We need a form for each school year, even if the information has not changed.  Please up-date us through the year with any changes with this form should anything change.

Student Emergency Card

3. Allergy Instructions and Medication Authorization / Waiver – we need this form for all children that list an allergy.  

Mild Allergy and Food Sensitivity Form

Your doctor needs to complete the 2 page form below to provide instructions of how to handle the allergy(ies) if an Epi pen or other medication is required to treat the allergy.  We will also need a copy of the completed forms along with the medication with its original prescription attached to it and in its original box.

Allergy Forms to be completed by your child’s doctor

4. Physical Form—This form must be signed and dated by the doctor. The child must have had a physical within the last 12 months for the child to attend school.

And: Immunization Record—This must be current (includes most recent vaccination received), signed and dated by a medical professional, or signed by a parent claiming an exemption.

General Health Appraisal Form
Immunization Certificate of Medical Exemption
Colorado Certificate of Immunization
Immunization Certificate of Nonmedical Exemption

5. Confirmation Form—The Parent Handbook Acknowledgement Form confirms that a parent has received, will read and comply with the policies and practices outlined in the parent handbook. A copy of the parent handbook is included and discussed during the parent orientation held in September the Tuesday & Wednesday after Labor Day.

Parent Handbook 2023-2024

Contact Joyce or the school office if you have questions. Our phone number is 303-468-9521, and our email is bbpstaff@bethanybusybee.org.

Step Three: Meet Your Teacher, a Home Visit and Parent-Teacher Conference

Bethany Busy Bee has the best interest of each child and works on providing the best classroom situation for every child. We work on balancing our classrooms in a variety of ways – including boys and girls, good friendships and an appropriate age range. Please know we will make every effort to honor your requests as class lists are finalized.

You will be contacted by your child’s teacher sometime in August to schedule a home visit which is the first parent-teacher conference. Visits can be scheduled either at Bethany Busy Bee or at the child’s home, so the child can meet the teacher in a comfortable setting. This visit allows the teacher to learn a bit about the child’s interests and abilities, what might be hard for them, how they are best comforted, etc. to be able to provide your child the best experience possible; and, answer questions about the beginning of school.

Bethany Busy Bee Parent Orientation is held Tuesday & Wednesday, the first day of school is Thursday & Friday after Labor Day.

Thank you for letting us serve you. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

                                                                                                Joyce Bertram, Director