The School Day


On your way to the classroom, please stop at the restroom with your child to use the toilet and help them wash their hands. This investment is intended to pay off with healthier children. The steps we teach for hand washing are posted in each bathroom. Our drop off time is 8:45 a.m., before this time the teacher will be gathering materials to get ready for the day, and she may be in and out of the classroom unable to supervise children. If you need to drop your child off before 8:45 a.m., please make arrangements with your teacher. If you arrive early, feel free to gather by the Lego table area or use the playground. Please observe and respect our arrival and dismissal times. 


During this part of the day the teachers are able to work individually with the children, teaching cognitive skills including numbers, letters, colors and shapes. This center time often includes some fine motor art activities focused on the theme or unit they are studying.


Circle time is when new centers, units, letters, colors, numbers, and shapes are introduced and others are reviewed. It’s an opportunity for building new vocabulary and improving language skills. Sometimes “Show and Tell” is a part of Circle Time. Often at Circle Time the helpers are assigned to assist with the calendar, weather, be a line leader, snack server, table wiper, or handy helper. (Not all classes do all of these jobs.) Attendance is also noted.


Show and tell items are usually things that coincide with the present unit. This is a good time for language development as each child will be able to answer questions and talk about what he or she brought while the rest of the children are encouraged to listen. The teacher will notify the parents about what day is set for “show and tell.”


Your child will be engaged in music and movement activities for about 20 minutes each day. These activities utilize instruments, bean bags, the parachute, bells and drums. Units are often reinforced during this active time period. Christian finger plays and songs, simple Bible verses, secular music and preschool exercise or music videos may be used.


Recess will generally be outside for 30 minutes each day. On excessively cold or wet days, the children may go to the gym. Gross motor and social skills will be a focus during this free play period. Twice a month there will be a new target for gross motor learning activity.


Parents may opt out of providing a monthly snack for their child’s class by paying a $150 snack fee. Otherwise, each parent will be responsible for bringing a healthy snack for their child’s class once a month. A signup genius link is available in the teacher’s web page. In the older classes, the child may help serve the snack they have selected to bring for their friends. (Don’t worry, the teachers will make sure the children whose families opt out of bringing a monthly snack, will be given the same opportunities to help serve snacks.) Please make sure you note the number of children in your child’s class, and posted allergies. Snack information will be announced on the snack sign up link, and available for your review at any time on the snack cart in the lobby. 

According to childcare regulations, snack consists of 2 food groups with water to drink, or 1 food group with milk. The childcare licensing regulations further specify, “When parents or guardians furnish snacks for children other than their own child, the snack shall consist only of foods that are pre-packaged and prepared from commercial sources. Such foods shall be non-potentially hazardous or shelf stable and received sealed. Nothing in this section shall prohibit the occasional serving of [homemade] food in connection with a single event or celebration.” It is our understanding, fruit such as apples, strawberries, cantaloupe or watermelon could be brought whole and sliced at Busy Bee. 

Please see the director if you have any questions.

Here are a few snack suggestions, but you may be more creative:

  • Mini-muffins with milk 
  • 1/2 banana with crackers/muffins
  • Fresh fruit and bread
  • Oatmeal or other whole grain cookies with milk 
  • Cereal and milk
  • Fruit and granola bars
  • Graham crackers or animal crackers and milk
  • Whole grain pretzels and cheese dip or applesauce
  • Half of an English muffin with melted cheese
  • Small slices of raw cut-up vegetables and cream cheese
  • Snack mix consisting of items such as non-sugared cereals, pretzels, and dried fruits
  • Bananas to dip in wheat germ
  • Cottage cheese with fruit or vegetables
  • Mini bagels and cream cheese (with raisins)
  • Fruit smoothies and fairy bread
  • Pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, banana bread, raisin bread


At least once a week the children will hear a story from the Bible and receive another page for their Bethany Busy Bee Bible Storybook. The children will be encouraged to memorize Bible verses and understand biblical values such as love, gentleness, kindness, joy and peace.


These subjects are integrated throughout the unit activities. Children can count out their own crackers at snack or make a class graph showing which vehicle pictured goes on the land, in the air, or in the water. Specific science units, like the butterflies and metamorphosis, are completed during the year.


Books are chosen that coincide with the unit the class is studying. There is time set aside each day for stories, as well as free time for reading.


One or two paper and pencil activities are presented for a short time each day, depending on the age of the children. Worksheets are designed to enhance learning about the unit, letter, number, or shape for the month. Children are encouraged to try to do their best, but perfection is definitely not expected. Fine motor skills and proper pencil grasp are a focus during this time.


Some teachers prefer to end their days with the story time and may close the door to their classroom to have a quiet, undisturbed time. The teacher will open the door when she is finished. When siblings accompany the parent to pick up the child, it is best if they are not allowed to enter the classroom, if class is still in session. This disturbs the class, especially if there is a story being read. Generally the teacher will stand at the door to tell each child good bye as she releases them to the parent who has come for them. Pick up time is 11:45 am.

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