Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn (formerly known as LIFT – Lift up, Inform, Fellowship, Talks) has been a part of Bethany Busy Bee since 2007.  It was initiated to bring topics to parents about life, parenting, spiritual growth, taking care of yourself, the relationship with your spouse, and many other uplifting topics.  It also includes topics like child development, learning, and assessment that are aligned with the Early Learning Development Guidelines. Speakers vary in their areas of expertise.

These talks are held with professional speakers that share information about various parenting topics, whether about nutrition; sleep, schedules and routines; anxiety in children: social emotional skills in children; and various styles on how to handle children’s behavior to assist in finding the best style that feels comfortable with your family; and even organizing and cleaning tips.

The entire event is free, including the speaker, beverages and appetizers and onsite childcare so parents can enjoy this special “adult” time. Simply register a week in advance so we can accommodate your childcare needs with proper staffing. Please bring a lunch for your child also. Infants are always welcome to stay with the parent during the entire event or on and off, whatever makes you most comfortable.  This is a time to gather, listen, ask question, discuss, share, learn, and build relationships.  It is held once a month in the Sanctuary to provide social distancing. 

The speaker event meets from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm.  Children receive a free lunch bunch (please bring a lunch for your children) when their parents attend these events, and infants stay at childcare for free.  Everyone is welcome – your family and friends; and, those without children and with children who do not attend Bethany Busy Bee.   We are always happy to see you and your friends here.

We may sometimes have the same topics offered each year because we do have new families enrolled each year and some of our previous families may have not been able to attend in the past due to scheduling conflicts.  Sometimes the presentation with the same topic is a bit different as the speakers update their presentations with additional information that may have been asked.  We suggest you submit your questions two weeks in advance so we can forward it to our speakers and to be able to have them address those areas.

Specific speaker information and sign up links are found through “Calendar” section under “School Events”, where each presentation is listed under the month it is being offered along with all other activities happening for that month. You can access the month with the links below.

 This year’s 2023-2024 speakers and topics include:  Lunch & Learn Speakers 2023-2024

To sign up, please to click on the month below to view the available Lunch & Learn presentations and on that page there will be a link next to the specific Lunch & Learn to RSVP: