Mrs. Pyne

Amy Pyne, Kindergarten Teacher

They say “ It takes a village to raise a child” and we found the greatest village with Bethany Busy Bee! I remember dropping my son off for the first day of preschool and thinking, “ I really believe they might actually love my child as much as I do!” We love the beautiful hearts of the staff and the way they are all lovingly shepherding the hearts of the students to Jesus! I am so excited to get to officially join the staff this year as a Kindergarten Teacher!

Kindergarten Info Night:  Please join us to find out more about our Kindergarten program.  At Bethany Busy Bee we strive to provide a Balanced Early Childhood Education in a Christian Environment for children 2.5 years old through Kindergarten. We start the love of learning in a safe nurturing environment where kids feel comfortable being themselves! We believe that God has uniquely created each person with special abilities and needs. Our aim is to help each child mature spiritually, socially, emotionally, academically, and physically recognizing and developing their distinct, God-given abilities and addressing their individual needs. We believe that the parents are the primary teachers of their children. Our intent therefore is to assist parents by reinforcing the truths of God and His love for all people; and teaching the skills and knowledge which will equip them for success in the years ahead. What makes our kindergarten program unique is the small classrooms with 12 students cap and still maintaining two teachers 75% of the time.  This ratio allows for truly personal instruction to aid in each child’s development. Kindergarten Info Night Presentation Slides

*Kindergarten Information Night on November 30th. Use this link to sign up:  Kindergarten Readiness

*March 20th & 21st – Kindergarten Lemonade Stand starting @ 12:15 pm 

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Strengths and Benefits of Half-Day Kindergarten at Bethany Busy Bee

Kindergarten is the bridge between Preschool and Elementary grades so it is vital that teachers cultivate a love of the learning process. Since Kindergarteners have the opportunity to mature as learners, not just fact holders, a teacher who is passionate about the domain they are teaching inspires a creative thinker and expands the child’s ability to learn in that domain.  

Each day students will be guided to explore, question, wonder and create.  Our curriculum themes this year will blend multiple subject areas and allow for interdisciplinary connection. 

Benefits to a small class size:

  • It allows for individualized learning in every category, including discipline. 
  • Larger classes require rigorous whole-class discipline systems that may not be sensitive to deeper social and emotional needs, but in a smaller class we can move beyond basic behavioral modification and reach hearts. 
  • The teacher student ratio ensures each child is attended to and encouraged to grow in both their strength areas of higher interest and their areas of challenge.

Benefits to being connected to the rest of Busy Bee Preschool:

  • Kindergartners will participate in all special programs the school offers such as Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Feast, Music programs, and have the option to stay for Lunch Bunch on any day.
  • The culture of the school is nurturing and focuses on early childhood development.  Kindergartners will glean from these values while also being able to practice leadership and confidence as the oldest students in their school.