Erin Wright, Kindergarten Teacher, Friday.  
I’ve been working at Bethany Busy Bee Preschool since 2016. The reason I started working at Bethany Busy Bee Preschool was a growing interest in Early Childhood Education and the impact it can have on a person for their whole life!   Having been a Busy Bee parent prior to teaching here, the thing I most appreciate about this program as a whole is it’s warm atmosphere where children and their families can find encouragement and support for the journey.   What I most like about working at Bethany Busy Bee Preschool is the play based learning and developmentally appropriate practice under the umbrella of Christ-centered leadership.   I started in Elementary Education and transitioned to Early Childhood Education due to observing my own 4 children while they were young and studying brain development in those critical periods, creating the building blocks necessary for life.
My philosophy in working with the kids in the classroom is about connection.  I desire to learn the unique ways to connect to each child’s heart so that they can learn and grow as a whole person (socially, emotionally, spiritually, cognitively and physically).  Learning should be a whole body experience, engaging the 5 senses and the heart whenever possible.   If there was only one thing, I’d like the kids to remember me by, it would be that I carried them to Jesus in little ways all throughout the year.   If there was only one thing, I’d like the families to remember me by, it would be that I loved their child well.   Other programs or activities I participate in where I interact with children in my free time are private guitar/piano lessons, Sunday School and Joyful Light Youth Theater.   My education and qualifications are: Elementary Teaching License and continuing education units in Early Childhood.  I taught for 9 years before teaching at Bethany Busy Bee Preschool in few different capacities:  Music, K, 1st & 4th grade.


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