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Ms. Gabby Ranfranz (M-F)  

My Name is Gabby Ranfranz. This will be my first year teaching at Bethany Busy Bee (2023). I decided to work at Bethany Busy Bee because I love Jesus and the environment Bethany Busy Bee has cultivated for children. What I appreciate most is the teachers’ focus on building unique and personal relationships with each child they teach. What I like most is the mission for God’s kingdom in raising and loving the children who come here. Witnessing that “Ah ha” moment or revelation a child has when they learn something, I enjoy being a guide to them as they experience that beautiful moment. My philosophy is love, logic, optimism and creativity when working with the children. My hope is for the children to remember me for love and art and that the parents remember me for the comfort and safety of their children in my care. I am also a children’s dance instructor (since 2019) and I help with children’s church. Currently, I am enrolled in Early Childhood education courses. I am a mother and aunt as well.

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